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    Moving Payments From Mail to Appropriate Departments

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous With social distancing the new norm, we are evaluating space needs and process flows. One likely change is the proximity of mail ...

  • Good observation Rebecca.  This payment probably isn't provided through the policy, so is the policy safe? I do not think the company can provide a gift and It has strings attached.  Can it be ...

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    RE: ERP Suggestion

    Hello Mr. Cholka, One of our clients is a Cousins franchisee albeit with one location.  We keep their books on QuickBooks Online and run QuickBooks Online Payroll.   Anyhow, both ...

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    Working at home rules

    I am looking for a check-off list to use with my employees who are going to work a few hours a week at home.  Looking for the security questions, the closed door office questions etc.  Something ...

  • Hello!  I'm looking for some guidance, examples, and/or a worksheet for calculating taxable income for a partnership as it relates to calculating current tax distributions for a partnership. ...

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