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  • For the SE health insurance deduction - are vision insurance premiums included in that?  I'm seeing conflicting things out there.  Definitely deductible on Sch A, but what about as an above-the-line ...

  • Rebecca, I had a chance to talk with the insurance company. They agree that this is a problem and have a solution.  They said that if the benefit card is restored from any "covered" expenses ...

  • Myself and another local CPA are working closely with clients that use parent/subsidiary LLC setups for their entity structure.  Because of this structure, all of their entities are being combined ...

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    RE: Completing 1099's

    1099pro is an option our company utilizes. Jaclyn Perry Accounts Payable / Purchasing Supervisor ascendiumeducation.org The information contained ...

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    Moving Payments From Mail to Appropriate Departments

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous With social distancing the new norm, we are evaluating space needs and process flows. One likely change is the proximity of mail ...

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